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Mark MacLean, Partner and Co-Founder


Mark specializes in applying business analytics and structured problem-solving methods to areas such as supply chain planning and network design, product portfolio and pricing optimization, and transportation and logistics.  Mark has held senior management roles in manufacturing, purchasing, and supply chain management over his 20 year career, and he’s passionately driven data-based decision making throughout his organizations.


Prior to joining Ops Partners, Mark co-founded an e-commerce company that grew to the leading on-line retailer of biomass heating fuels in the country.  As General Manager of American Biomass, he helped execute a strategy that led to tremendous sales growth and attracted $18M in venture funding.  Among his accomplishments were the development of a linear optimization model to help guide purchasing and distribution decisions, realizing a 20% reduction in Cost of Goods Sold.  He also conducted a series of pricing studies that led to changes to website presentation, marketing messaging, and increases in relative pricing – all contributing to a 50% increase in gross margins.


Mark was the Vice President of Operations for Empirix, a Voice-over-IP telecommunications test company, where he implemented a series of lean production practices and methods in throughout the supply chain that led to a six-fold increase in inventory turns within 12 months.  Earlier in his career, Mark held leadership roles in product development, manufacturing, and manufacturing engineering, primarily in high-tech companies.


Mark began his career as an officer in the US Navy’s nuclear power program, where he was responsible for the operation and maintenance of half of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln’s engineering equipment.


Mark earned his Master of Sciences degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his MBA from the Institute's Sloan School of Management.  He earned his Bachelor of Sciences degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.  Mark is currently a Certified Analytics Professional (INFORMS CAP).


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