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Ops Partners is led by an experienced team of operations experts and, in addition to their consulting accomplishments, each has 15+ years in senior leadership roles at world-class companies.  As experienced business leaders and operations practitioners, our team takes great pride in delivering exceptional results to our clients.


Our firm's leaders are all graduates of the Leaders for Global Operations (LGO/LFM) program at MIT.  The program is a partnership between industry and academia to develop operations leaders and change agents.  Graduates earn a Master's Degree in an Engineering discipline from MIT as well as an MBA from the Sloan School of Management. 

Chip McDaniel


Chip serves as an advisor to the Ops Partners team. He is a former McKinsey consultant within the firm’s Operations Practice, where he focused on performance improvement in multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, aircraft, mining, and railroads.  Chip also has a 20 year record of accomplishments in operations and planning leadership roles within the automotive, industrial components, and software industries.  





Rich Seubert


Rich has 30 years of operations experience, ranging from factory floor management to executive roles at Fortune 50 companies, giving him practical insight into what it takes to transfer corporate directives to successful execution.  Retained by major consulting firms for his expertise in product design, performance improvement, Lean, and Six Sigma, Rich specializes in highly engineered product verticals including A&D, transportation, power generation, and semiconductors.

Brian Kelly


Brian is an experienced team leader and critical thinker.  He uses world class techniques from Lean and Theory of Constraints to define business strategy and turn strategy into robust oberations.  Brian is a determined problem solver who adopts a customer driven viewpoint and develops operations to deliver the desired customer experience.  He is the former chair of Intel Corp's worldwide manufacturing excellence conference and his industry experience includes semiconductor and solar.

Mark MacLean


Mark is a seasoned manager with over 15 years of experience leading purchasing, production, supply chain planning, and product development teams. He specializes in operations improvement, inventory management, supply chain strategy, and gross margin improvement.  Mark has extensive experience applying analytical methods and modeling techniques to projects such as distribution network design, inventory management, and pricing and product positioning.







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